Whimsy was founded by a married, professional couple who did not live anywhere near their family. After the first couple of years with kids, the nannies moved on to other things and the couple was left to find babysitters. With no connection to young adults or teenagers, or having a comfort level leaving their kids at a seemingly strangers house, they found a service where parents can take their children for short periods of time with no preplanning.

Whimsy is not so much a day care service as it is a babysitting center. And it is thought out by parents, for parents. Whimsy understands cleanliness and hygiene, understands attention spans and age-appropriate toys and activities, and understands personalities, moods, and mindsets. When a child comes to Whimsy, they will never be bored, and parents are welcome to bring their children's favorite snacks, ensuring they are non-peanut containing.

Four children doing arts and crafts with two teachers.